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Jameel Patrick releases crepuscular: The Prelude

The artist who was raised in Cleveland Ohio has been creating music for the last several years, his unique style and approach being a firm and solid favourite with fans and followers alike. Taking heavy inspiration from his deep rooted faith in his religion, his latest album is a twelve track offering. Variating in production and delivery. The artist brings in some intriguing background vocals and unique lyrics that add to the distinct tone and overall flow of the album.

The full length project also features some great features from the likes of Zodiac, Dylon Colon and Piano Jane to name a few. The production is often dark, sinister but also packed with great vigorous energy.

Jameel's vocal flow and voice is full of clear conviction and confidence making for a great compliment to the production overtones on the album. Frequent references to his strong faith are filtered in throughout keeping the album consistent for it's entirety.



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