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J.R.P delivers powerfully ambient new album “Oasis”

J.R.P is an artist originally from Puerto Rico. A versatile musical artist, he holds an impressive array of talents including being a songwriter, composer, engineer, producer and singer. After a number of successful full project releases over the past few years the artist returns with a solid new album offering that showcases some of the artists best work to date.

A generous sixteen track album the project has perhaps some of the most experimental work to date from J.R.P. Eagerly stating things off with the stunning opener “Neptune” which is a melodic vocal harmonic heavy transfixing song. The track is as ambient as it is intriguing with the lead vocals taking centre stage throughout, setting the stage for what lies ahead. Follow up “Medicine” picks things up a level with an intense set of lyrics and thumping high hats that accompany the song. ‘Everything Is Everything incorporates some well placed acoustic House tones that warm the heart and uplift the listener. “Moonlight” and “Watertown” are both equally immersive numbers that do well to bring the listener into a sonic landscape set out by the artist through strong instrumentals.

“Gypsies” again relies heavily upon the artists vocals striping back on the production, allowing the lyrics to filter through beautifully. Nothing hear feels overbearing or to powerful for the mix, it’s blended with care creating an essence of unison between the production and sonic vocals, delving us into a sonic landscape by the artist.

“Footsteps” is perhaps one of the most experimental songs on the album with sudden and spontaneous 808 entires and drum patterns than cannot be placed down, making for a brave midway track on the album.

“Carousel” and “Soldier” carry the same energy this time with an added flair of futuristic synth and pentatonic chord patterns. Next up is one of the most heart-warming songs by the artist, “Sunset” is a gorgeous acoustic guitar backed Indie ballad, everything about the song makes it perfect for any occasion.

“Boomerang” and “Choir of Emptiness” follow a more contrasting narrative, with a darker production and feel than their predecessors on the album, yet agin the artist pushes his distant lyricism to the forefront.

The final concluding section of the album brings us to the most intense ballads on the album “Come Alive” “Oasis” “The Miracle” and “Drowning in Silence. The artist has made a wise choice here, saving the best until last. Whilst the mood is gloomy, sombre and ambient, the songs feel like a collective, flowing effortlessly into the next until the conclusion of the project. Without a doubt showing some of J.R.P’s best vocal work to date.

Overall a solid album from this uniquely distinct artist:



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