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J. Levi releases smooth sensual single "Cada Mañana"

The multi talented artist blends influences of Pop, R&B and Hip Hop. Born in Charlotte, J.Levi has already released two singles this year, his latest being a stunning, laid back R&B jam known as "Cada Mañana."

The artists voice on the record is a smooth delve into a world of ambient simplicity and lush but delicate tones. The inspiration for the song was an interesting one.

It came in the form of a road trip along with his wife from their base in Orlando to Sacramento California. J also wanted to pay homage to his wife's Puerto Rican and Dominican heritage throughout the track, with strong latin guitars and chords laying the foundations for the song. It was a great decision as the songs combination of latin influence and R&B makes for a genuinely enjoyable listen.

Proving that raunchy 808's aren't always the answer and sometimes laid back vocal heavy instrumental backing can really be the best course of action.

J also has several more recording in the vault ready for release. It's exciting to see the artists journey unravel, as he grows from strength to strength with each and every song.



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