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Izzie's Caravan are back with thriller album "Blow The Lid"

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Izzie’s Caravan are back with their new album entitled "Blow The Lid", after numerous shake ups's over the years the band are united with a fresh and exciting new vision. Along with that vision is some fresh music. From a genre perspective the band are all about nostalgia, Rock nostalgia.

Heavy duty guitars are common occurrences on the album making every song feel like a true and noteworthy throwback. The single itself "Blow The lid" is an all out Rock ready jam, high intensity personified from start to finish with winning vocals and drum hits, that almost sound like a combustion of bombs hitting the listeners earpiece, an epic number.

"Return to Midway"takes things down a level a more commercial song that contains a catchy chorus and bridge section. "A Beautiful Nightmare" is a nice Indie flexed offering with some great vocals.

Album outro track "Curse Of Anastasia"is a fun, exciting song with clever lyrical wordplay and some awesome guitar plucks. The album stands alone as a significant success by the band.

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