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Issamwera deliver lush ambient stunner in new Jazz Fusion single “Astin Min”

Icelandic musical collective Issamwera are a refreshing emergence in the industry. Showcasing beautiful African influences and soulful instrumentation the group have been generating a consistent following since their formation in 2015.

Their latest single entitled “Astin Min” is a clear demonstration of just how good this band is, their identity, creativity and of course music is a work of true stunning art and expression. This is truly a song that can be played time after time and still feel like new, it all comes down to the addictive beat, warm, soothing vocals and the amazing unorthodox vibe of the track.

On an immediate first listen it’s difficult to pinpoint a genre, however their is some definite Cafe Del Mar, Jazz and fusion tones here, it’s impossible to ignore, the ambient flute, vocals, soft guitar backing and tribal drums are a combustion of outwardly and transfixing melodic vibes. “Astin Min” takes the listener to another dimension, a place that you never want to leave, being immersed in the soft luscious musical waves from Issamwera. The guitar solo at 04:21 is the stuff of Indie perfection, everything just fits so well, literally nothing on the track is placed without reason, it’s a stunner across the board.

We honestly can’t wait for what these guys have in store next, if this is anything to go by then were guaranteed something just as special.




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