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Isabel and the Whispers and their thriller self entitled album "Isabel and the Whispers"

Isabel and the Whispers released their self entitled album back in 2008. The band includes Alec Menge on drums, Octavio Padron on guitar and Isabel Marcheselli on piano and vocals.

The album is an eight track epic, with songs that display a variety of twists and turns in signature Isabel and the Whispers fashion.

Acoustic vibes set the tone as the lead singer showcases her distinct and eerily soothing vocals, mesmerising listeners with an irresistible display of elegance and professional musicianship.

The album covers various themes and really does feel like a relatable body of work. Songs such as “High Horse” with it’s piano backed sombre feel, “Princess”with it’s captivating harmonies and ballad style production and then of course the concluding number “Dot To Dot” which is the perfect song to close out this latest offering from the band.

With many years of experience between them the group is set to continue with their impressive array of musical releases whilst currently celebrating the recent passing of the 10th anniversary of this self entitled first album.



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