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Introducing Kohla: Embracing Love and Setting High Standards in "Golden"

In the realm of music, few artists possess the ability to capture the essence of love and self-worth quite like Kohla. With her latest single, "Golden," she delves into the depths of inner-work and spirituality, ultimately expressing the desire for a love that meets the highest standards.

After years of personal growth and connecting with her own spirituality, Kohla has come to understand the importance of surrounding herself with partners who treat her like the radiant, golden goddess she is. "Golden" is a chilled, shimmering gospel-tinged neo-soul masterpiece that draws influences from the timeless soul of Marvin Gaye, as well as the experimental yet silky R&B stylings of Sabrina Claudio and Frank Ocean. The lyrics of "Golden" harmoniously blend delicacy and sass, allowing Kohla to unabashedly command respect: "Just give me all of your emotion - like I'm golden." These words beautifully encapsulate the experience of desiring a love that is built upon depth and passion. They serve as a reminder that it is essential to hold ourselves in high regard and seek partners who recognize and cherish our worth. From the dazzling, romantic instrumentation to the soulful vocal runs, "Golden" emanates a profound sense of passion and adoration. Kohla's ambition with this track was to authentically capture the feeling of being lovingly adored, highlighting the sheer beauty and power of receiving love at its finest. Moreover, "Golden" not only celebrates love but also champions the significance of a woman attaining love. Society often places emphasis on love stories centered around men, but Kohla reminds us that the love shared between women is equally stunning and deserving of celebration. Through her music, Kohla encourages listeners to embrace their own self-worth and set high standards in love. By seeking partners who see us as the magnificent beings we are, we give ourselves the opportunity to experience love in its most extraordinary form. In conclusion, Kohla's latest single, "Golden," is a testament to the transformative power of love when accompanied by unwavering self-worth. It serves as a reminder to never settle for anything less than the respect, adoration, and passion we deserve. Let us celebrate the beauty of love and the importance of setting high standards, guided by Kohla's mesmerizing vocals and her ability to craft music that touches hearts and souls.



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