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Indian born Jazz sensation Charu Suri captivates on "Bluesy"

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Hailing from India the Jazz pianist has been on incredible journey since starting in music aged only five, leading to her position as one of the most highly respected musicians in her field. Now residing in the USA, the artist along with her band have released a vast array songs and EP's over the last numbers of years. Charu has gained recognition from industry leaders including the likes of Arturo O' Farrill. Charu has also seen outstanding achievement in the competition realm excelling to levels of excellence with numerous first places. A keen live performer along with her band the artist has headlined some incredible venues notably including being the first Indian artist to perform at the legendary Carnegie Hall.

Her latest single release "Bluesy" is a smooth and warm Jazz ballad, with elegant vocals thanks to the delicious voice of Danielle Erin Rhodes and backed with Charu's classical Jazz piano. Improvisational riffs float over the song adding touches of blissful grace as the song approaches the outro, lyrically the delivery is simple but ever so effective adding an additional layer of agility to the flow of the song. Overall "Bluesy is an enjoyable and beautiful track. Stream the single here


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