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The Ice Cap is the enticing new collaboration album from SV, Capo & Gage.

The trio are themselves all Independent artists respectively. But their latest full length release comes in the form of a blistering collaboration album raised to the brim with sonic and lyrically enticing classics. The inspiration clear and to the point, a Sci-Fi Hip Hop concept album.

We begin with the opening single, "Fire in the Sky." A strong entrance with a heavy reliability on the lead hooks and catchy chorus. Pulsating synths accompany the fast and compact drums and hi hats. The song has a similar production feel to a modern Drum and Bass banger or a UK Garage anthem. All combined with the clever lyrical display of the artists. The following numbers such as Ice Trap are reflective, dreamy songs offering some real food for thought to the listener.

As the project progresses the intensity does pick up, "Don't cross the Ice trap"is a heartfelt and powerful song, relatable narratives of struggle make for an incredibly moving track. The background flute sound also creates some really uniquely eery vibes on "So Cold"

The trio- image below

"Your a star is a most definite standout, the distorted chorus blends incredibly well on the song, but the lyrics and flow truly reach fever pitch here. Their talent undeniable at this point.

There is a definite sense of nostalgia with these guys, their flow and delivery feel very organic but vintagely original. They posses the intensity of a DMX but maintain an elegant and sophisticated flow similar to modern rap crooner Kendrick Lamar.

The concluding songs offer even more variety, with the closing song "Take Care" being a sub electro wave super jam. House and techno influences filer throughout offering a perfectly climaxing send off.

Overall the album flows well and remains consistent to the artists intentions for the project. Time will tell what is in store next! In the meantime be sure to stream the album here






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