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Hybird Blue release new single "Lifeline"

On April 9th The Hybrid Blues will release their highly anticipated new single "Lifeline"

the band who hail from New Zealand, consist of Mike Everard (guitar), Adam Pendred (bass), Grant McCracken (drums) and leading frontman, award winning singer-songwriter Roy Hudso.

Roy was the lead singer/song writer for former UK Metal Band, Koru & UK Blues/Classic Rock Originals Band Loose Moorings, releasing several albums during his 30 year stay in the United Kingdom. . Hudson’s songwriting awards include Best Latin American song “Left in Limbo” and 4th with his song "Enough" in Worldwide Song Competition for "Best Ballad. "

However on his return to New Zealand. The Hybrid Blues were formed. Their debut album was then released with the assist of Tim Julain.

"Lifeline" is a throwback nostalgic Indie Rock jam, with some addictive bluesy guitar riffs and Roy's signature vocals. "Save my soul" is the echoing lyrics that hits home on the track. The transitions are also spectacular, with the light drums in the background the guitar solo at 2:26 is impressive and compliments the style of the song. The band pride themselves on their genre versatility and their latest single easily demonstrates why they are that good.

Listen to all of HYBIRD BLUES music here:


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