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HUNNIDBARZ drops heartfelt Emo R&B ballad “Friends”

HUNNIDBARZ is an artist that has no problems expressing his deepest thoughts and emotions through his musical art.

Returning with a classic heartfelt emo R&B blended ballad entitled “Friends” the artist sings over a sample backed guitar plucked beat. His tone mellow rilled in conviction as the artist confesses “My heart can never be broke” “Can you take away my pain.” Some relatable and meaningful themes that were sure many listeners can relate to.

Lyrically the sombre offering demonstrates HUNNIDBARZ skillful capabilities as a songwriter, shades of Lil Peep and XXXTentaction are evidently present throughout song and make a great sign of inspiration from the artist.

With a number of releases dropping this year, HUNNIDBARZ has been keeping consistent with his new music and it looks like he has no intention of slowing down soon.


INSTAGRAM @hunnidbarz



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