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Hoodlife Muzik drops new EP "9 GOD"

Hoodlife Muzik, has been a notable figure in the industry for some time, based out of Birmingham Alabama he is now focusing on solo music.

His new project entitled "9 GOD" is a solid blended mix of traditional Hip Hop and trap inspired songs. Opener “9 God” is a smooth lyrically engaging track, the production is a bass heavy jam that sets the tone of the album well.

Next up is “Ian Going Back” is an addictive flute backed hit, again focusing heavily on the lyrics. “Broken love” provides a nice collaborative break featuring vocalist “LaNita”

Project closers “9 Ether” is a mellow interlude style track as is “The Luv Drug”

The final and impressively concluding song is“Who Seeking Knowledge” which is a thought provoking closing track that provides some of the artists best lyrical work.



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