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"Highly Favored" is the hard hitting EP from T.Jones

The artist has been releasing classic after classic for the past number of years. After 2020's highly regarded and mesmerising album "Live For The Moment Pt.III" He enters into 2021 with an exceeding role of momentum. That momentum comes in the form of his new body of work "Highly Favored" A six track EP, complete with hard hitting melodic flows and lyrics and futuristic trap production.

The opener "Highly favored" sets the scene, a song that showcases the artists love and faith in God. Holding nothing back, the Hip Hop production backdrop creates an added layer of energy that ads to the uplifting tendencies of TJ'S lyrics. Combining well, the production throughout compliments his vocal delivery.

"Daily struggles" is also another highlight from the EP, offering a variety of relatable abundance the track features Mr. Don Giovanni and the collaboration efforts of both artists works well.

Overall the EP is another classic in the artists ever expanding discovery.


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