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HEARTBREAK DAYDREAMS is a producer that has been creating some serious moves with his recent releases. Based out of Norway that artist operates in the real of EDM, Future Bass and House. Debuting with his initial classic song entitled “Skyfall” and impressing listeners with a variety of follow up records.

Possessing a distinct aura of mystery the producer was inspired to create music after the loss of a loved one, carefully blending themes of heartbreak, sorrow and uplifting tones with their music.

What’s most impressive about HEARTBREAK DAYDREAMS is the variety of music on display. Playing on emotions of sadness, happiness and euphoria is a challenge within EDM but this producer has the ability to blend all of these with ease and transparent effortlessness.

Carefully crafted electronic vibes, blistering synths and futuristic tones are frequent occurrences in their music. With a consistent growing fanbase, things look to be exciting for this fast rising producer.


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