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He's back. Ty Bru prepares for the release of his new album "TRIPLE BYPASS: UNDER ANESTHESIA"

We previously covered Ty Bru's single "Elm Street"and now he returns with his full length project. This is his fourth studio album in his impressive and ever expanding discovery.

The album is everything it is intended to be, hard hitting, nothing held back and full of classics. A true Hip Hop body of work, Ty Bru is an old school lyricist, he brings that old school factor to the new age and blends them both perfectly. A great example of this is "Get In The Way Of Love" the song in the first half of the album is a classic 90's Hip Hop R&B inspired jam, full of catchy tones and a blissful chorus.

"Beautiful Fight" is a strong and emotionally strung track with some great piano hits and a heartwarming chorus. The sample backings also work a wonder leading to a really uplifting song.

Overall the album is a combination of cold hard reality and uplifting and prosperous tones, a contrast that Ty Bru has brought together effortlessly. Using his signature flow, style and delivery on an album that showcases a solid collection of his best work. This fourth album could well be so far, his best.




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