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Graham Coe releases a calm masterpiece with "A Moment In Time"

The Irish artist who is stepping back into the independent scene after many years away wanted to create something for his wife. The result was "A Moment In Time." A powerful and moving four minute song, masterfully arranged. Folk influences are clear from the opening thirty seconds with delicate acoustic instrumentals and guitar setting the tone for the haunting but smooth vocals that Graham has, his voice was almost crafted for this style of music, he balances his projection and tone incredibly well and if anything it adds another layer to the song, raising the emotion especially as we approach the concluding section of the song. Lyrically the artist hits all the right points, with his inspiration for the record shinning throughout. The mix is also superb with everything lining up perfectly.

After a significant break as a solo artist, we hope Graham is back for good this time, he has definitely hit the road running with his latest releases. Now with 2021 here, time will tell if he has more in store for us. In the meantime we can enjoy his wonderful new single. Listen here


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