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Godly One confesses all in new album "ALTAIR"

It's been a busy year for the artist who has already released a plethora of songs this year.

There seems to be something different about his first full body of work though, the songs 15 in total (deluxe album version) flow together well collectively but the lyrical maturity and emotional depth on the album is what stands out the most. Narratives of love loss, bad decisions or life's struggles are common themes among the dark hip hop, emo trap and alternative R&B fields. But with Godly One it comes naturally, never forced and clearly apparent here. The opener "Lost Boy" is a beautiful climatic wash of alternative R&B with distorted vocals creating a sense of desperation, a fantastic listen. Red Skies is also another highlight with a great hook and melodic flow from the artist. It's great to see how much Godly improves with each release and this project is sure to win over new fans from all walks of musical life. Stream "ALTAIR" here


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