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Glitter Assassin drop Indie rock album "Moral Waves Of Grey"

Updated: May 26, 2021

The Chicago based band have been making waves on the Indie scene for the last number of years, unveiling various releases to the excitement of followers. The mysterious band have keeping buys with their new album "Moral Waves Of Grey."

The full body of work consists of a nine track epic offering. The band never delve to far away from their original sound, relying heavily on live instrumental guitars, intense drum patterns and wavey yet powerful vocals.

The flow of the album is consistent and there is a clear sense of professionalism and experience with the band. Their music feels well developed and they display a great and impressive amount of confidence in their sound.

The album could best be described as Indie Pop with strong Rock influences, keeping things versatile, the album is free flowing and generally exciting.

from a lyrical standpoint the approach is simple yet successfully effective, blending well into the background and often at the forefront, Glitter Assassin possess distinct vocals that fit well into their style of music

Overall the album is another great addition to the bands work and well worth a listen.



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