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Geena Gangi releases emotional super hit "Luna"

The twenty two year old artist who hails from Boston is an all round elite creative. Her talents ranging from songwriting, TV, film writing and creative entrepreneurship. From a musical perspective she takes influence from many of the greats including the likes of the legendary Prince.

Her intention is to create music that offers a sense of real nostalgia whilst portraying an exciting and modern twist. Her latest single is no exception. Simple but beautifully effective and enjoyable. The song flows along gently with light percussion and Geena's smooth and elegant vocals.

Delving into the range of alternative R&B, there is a real dreamy but emotional vibe to the song. Her partner in crime Mike Walsh also on hand for the creation of the record. The instrumental choices a great with soft piano touches along with a nice trumpet solo in the concluding section of the track.

Transporting the listener to another world altogether with a theme and narrative of something out of his world. Geena has a natural ability to reflect the emotion and theme of the record with her slow and blissful tone. Geena also has a surprising level of power that is demonstrated at numerous points during the course of the song.

It's also worth noting how incredibly mixed this song is, the vocals and instrumental are crisp making for a truly wonderful listen.



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