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Gary Lloyd Noland and his experimental new album DISCOMBOBULATED GEMÜTLICHKEIT

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Gary Lloyd Noland is a professional musician and composer. Earning his Bachelor’s in music from UC Berkeley in 1979, Gary continued his studies at the Boston Conservatory transferring then to Harvard University, where he added to his credits a Masters and a PhD in Music Composition in 1989.

Over the course of many years Gary has released countless compositions, ranging from solo piano, vocal, full-length plays, an award-winning chamber novel, and electronic pieces. His compositions have been performed across Europe, Asia, Australia, and the United States and he has taught at Harvard, the University of Oregon, and Portland Community College. His latest album release consists of fifteen tracks, each varying in regards to tone, energy, and genre.

Gary has pushed the sonic boundaries on this album, with a full array of experimental pieces such as TYRANNONERVOUS WREX, FOSSILIZED ROMANCES, RUPTURED FIGMENTS, SIRENIC SNARECROWS, and TRANSMOGRIBIFURCATIONS. Gary combines the use of classical musical gestures throughout with spontaneous sound effects, leaving the listener not knowing what to expect next. There are also elements of futuristic sounds on this album, with blistering synths, chimes, and soft percussion, behind heavy-hitting bass thuds and 808’s.

The album also provides collaborative features from the likes of Polina Chorna, who delivers some blissful piano solos on her tracks. Subtle, but classical licks take things back for a more classical nostalgic feel and make for a pleasant interlude on the album. Collectively it feels like a heavily packaged project.

With various tracks hitting over the 06:00 mark. it’s difficult to really pick up on a collective theme as this project is so experimental rather than a progressive body of work. Gary has made some brave choices on the album, rather than going for a general classical feel. The addition of solidified vocals in some capacity would have been a nice touch to accompany some of the songs, especially for the more mellow tunes that the listener is exposed to over the course of the album.

The album fits into it’s niche perfectly, not one to resonate with contemporary musical enthusiasts which we so often cover, making for a refreshing new entry. Gary has clearly brought his greatest musical expression to the album. There is indeed beauty in the chaos. It feels different from almost any of his previous material but we should also note how unorthodox the artwork is, eye-catching and truly out there just like the album. Overall Gary has demonstrated his versatility here, more so than ever before. A refreshing and bold entry from this unique talent.




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