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G Premacy releases 17 track album epic "The Transition"

The artist who hails from Buffalo NY spent the best part of three years crafting the album, which is filled with personal and exhilarating records. The artist has been keeping incredibly consistent with his records over the last year. Arriving with a variety of highly sharp singles his new album is everything his growing fan base could have wished for.

Serious bars, slick production and intense vocal delivery occupy the majority of the album. We start off with "Transition a wave quick paced record that displays G Premacy's flashy flow and catchy lyrical approach. Behind all the layers and impressive swag the stories offer the listener some considerable food for thought.

"Bailey Ave Vibes"is another heavy Hip Hop smash Hit, the production almost feels nostalgic like a classic DMX jam. Both the lead and featured artist bring their A game on this track making for some serious collaborations heat.

"Listen" is a toned back slow verse heavy track, G Premacy's level of conviction on the record is obvious to see he conveys his words with natural and strong emotion. Flying over the beat almost effortlessly.

The concluding section of the album contain some wonderful catchy samples that compliment G's classic flow, "Freedom" is a classic example and a definite highlight on the album.

Overall the hard work over the last three years has most certainly shown in this body of work, the album will no doubt be a favourite of original and new followers for a long time ahead.


YouTube: G Premacy

FB: G Premacy

IG: @g_premacy

TikTok: @gpremacy


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