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Franklin Stone is all business on stunning new album “Seasons”

Franklin Stone is an artist that possesses rare natural talent, in what has been a blockbuster year for the artist with a variety of releases his consistency can not go unnoticed.

His latest album entitled “Seasons” is quite possibly his greatest collective body of work to date. A seven track project that offers much in the way of production, differentiating melodic tones and moods.

Opener St.Francis is a lush saxophone Hip Hop placed beat, that oozes sophistication. Combined with the artists smooth flow and glistening guitar solo making for a thunderous opening song.“EGO Dead” and “Rain” take a more mellow route, that offer an insight into the artists internal thoughts on his current reality.

The rest of the album delves into more of a darker, trap orientated feel. Making for a refreshing and hard hitting second half. “Seasons” definitely lives up to it’s name and hype, a full circle album that does it’s best at showcasing the artists greatest strengths in a sensational charismatic fashion.


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