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"Foreglow" is the amazing new album from Ranzel X Kendrick

Ranzel X Kendrick’s new album is a collection of heart-warming hits,

containing all the usual elements that make the artists work so distinct and individually unique.

Opener “Cross My Heart” sets the tone with some wonderful acoustic tones, followed by “River Of Love” a wonderful track with some really powerful vocals displayed from the artist, out of all the songs this song has the most minimal production but the simplicity works so well. “Virtuous Woman” showcases some amazing flute solo’s along with the artists vocals of conviction and guitar backing.

“Lonely Tonight” is a slightly more uptempo track with the addition of some exquisite female vocals. The finale track on the album is “Slow Dancing In The Rain” a climatic work of art, filled with emotional tones throughout, the song makes for the perfect album conclusion.


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