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Fast rising Cameen delivers the sensational "PULL UP"

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

The artist who has been on fans radar for the last number of years, has built up quite the reputation for his musicianship. Claiming prestigious awards and support from the like of "Fat Joe"among many others. As expected his latest single "Pull Up" offers magnificent vibrancy accompanied by his signature style. Masterful production lay the foundation for the song, which can be categorised essentially as a club banger, radio hit and for all intense purposes classic "Cameen." The vocals are cleverly paleted and blend in well to the song, the smooth tone of the artist soften the vibe before climaxing with the catchy hook that we so eagerly await. The background vocals are mixed well and bring out character and additional energy, not that we need it given how upbeat the record is. It's worth noting Cameen's rapping is on full display here and really brings something fresh, a much welcomed addition to the song. Most impressively Cameen is an artist that can make club ready hits or equally amazing sensual R&B ballads, it's clear that here is an artist that has a lot more to give and is by no means slowing down. No doubt fans will have to wait to see but for now they have this to enjoy stream "PULL UP" here


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