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Evan Grim delivers a powerful dose of heartfelt reality on new single "Mountains"

Evan Grim and his new EP is a musical collection of heartfelt offerings to say the least, lead single “Mountains” is by far a distinctly relatable yet personal song from the artist. Starting with some captivating vocal layers that ooze with blissful harmonies before the production truly kicks in.

Evan brings an array of deep and poetic lyrics. Delivered with a heavy dose of raw conviction the artist sets the scene as he says sings “I’m free” providing us with a backdrop of sincere seclusion and dark reflective moments. There are no feelings held back here, the artists offering is unwavering yet transparently brutal in it’s essence. A refreshing yet for powerful number from Evan Grim.

The EP marks the artists first release this year, were sure it won’t be the last we here from him as he continues to expand this musical catalogue. The latest project is most definitely a highlight and showcases the artists clear strengths and talents.



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