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Eva No drops addictive pop banger 100%

The Swedish songwriter, is making solid moves with her recent releases, her latest single "100%"is a Pop infused jam.

Beginning with some seriously smooth, synths, bass plucks and strings, the track most definitely reflects the title, going from 0 to 100% in what seems like no time at all. The track coasts along with quirky samples and flute styled samples. The combination making for an infectious feel good groovy hit.

Eva brings out her smooth tone on the track complaining the track well. A backdrop of male harmony vocals filter in at certain points throughout the track making for a great contrast in vocals. There is always something going on here, the track never feels overly staggered or too long. This is a huge credit to production who have kept things moving in truly exciting fashion.

The most impressive part of the song however is undoubtedly the concluding outro section. Built up incredibly well it has a big song feel to it. The combustion of layered vocals, multi instrumentals offer a classic Pop track, radio ready that has and no doubt will continue to be a firm favourite of fans and followers worldwide.



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