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ET Boys drop NU Pop favourite "Sober"

The duo that consists of brothers Tacboy lead vocalist and Sharkeyes an unbelievable musical talent who plays both keys and guitar.

Their debut single "Sober" is a daring and powerful first offering, the theme and backstory for the record looks at self destruction and all the things that go along with it.

Heavy guitar backing and 90's rock drum patterns fill the opening section.

Tacboy's Indie vocals also make for a welcoming feel.

Beyond the sonic musical aspects of the record is the visual, which is four minute movie,

Tacboy stands in smoke filled red light, as he switches and wonders throughout the city with a mind that is lost and bewildered, reflecting the fast tempo and catchy beat of the song.

Accompanied with various other scenes in the city with some girls and other characters. There is a definite old school feel to ET Boys, they feel immensely nostalgic but at the same time refreshing and exciting.



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