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Enter the world of Lil X Dreamer on new EP “Dreamer Lost”

Hailing from Palatka Florida Lil X Dreamer is an artists known for his raw style and genre blend mix of Metal, Rock and Rap. Showcasing a raw yet emotional style he is a highly unique and impressive musical talent.

His latest EP offering entitled “Dreamer Lost” is a six track combustion of hard hitting melodies, dark yet atmospheric vocals in addition to some captivating bars. Starting things with a self reflective spoken word ballad the artist bravely sets the tone for what lies ahead.

Moving on Lil X Dreamers distinct voice ads a husky edge across the EP noticeably on tracks such as “Dreamer Lost” where Lil X Dreamers showcases a ton of conviction and emotion. “Haunting Me” is also another track that delves the listener into the world of the artists psyche with mesmerising, sinister and alluring tones.

The EP closer “Alone” does well to set a magnificent closing offering, making for a stunning closing end to this spectacular body of work.



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