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Emma River and her angelic new single "Flowers In My Hair"

Angelic, deeply intimate and blissfully soul soothing are just some of the words to describe Emma River's latest release "Flowers In My Hair"

The Los Angeles based artist, began her musical journey at just six years old, where she grew up in Røyken, Norway. She is now also a worship leader at the gospel church California Worship Center, where she has also had to opportunity to perform with and for artists such as Stevie Wonder, Tasha Cobbs, Brian Courtney Wilson and Robert Glasper.

For her new single Emma takes things back to basics and offers listeners a pure, rich and natural sound. The songs focus point is Emma's ultra emotional vocals, her tone resonating with heart puncturing falsetto and vocal melisma.

Written with purpose and raw soul, the song is certainly beautifully written, "Will You be there to meet me at the edge of everything." Says the artist as she builds powerfully towards the magnificent chorus. Gentle acoustic guitars, piano touches, strings and layered vocals are all that's needed to make a wonderful resounding impact. Emma does a great job of saving the best part of the song until last, the concluding chorus kicks in at 2:46 with authority, the vocals reaching fever pitch as the song emotionally closes out.

Emma has created a fabulous new record that will connect with many people far and wide, things are looking exciting for the artist as she continues to create more great music.



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