Electric Peace return with their stunning single "Hate Is A Special Feeling"

Electric Peace are a band we have recently covered with their full length project. The band have been releasing music for a consistent number of years and are back now with a stunning new single.

As stated in our previous review of the band, their is something wonderfully original about the bands approach to music, making songs that do indeed hold significant relevance in todays industry and unusual world, they have found a way to create Rock heavy and skilful tracks that provide listeners with the perfect form of escapism.

Taking things back to their latest single entitled "Hate Is A Special Feeling”

A song with mesmerising instrumental offerings and welcoming solid vocals. The band utilise all their strengths well in the single. Like a well oiled machine they gel together so well, you can tell they have put the work in here. Everything sound in perfect synchronisation. This is one of those singles you can’t help but get down and groove to, a solid number from this ever exciting band.


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