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Electric Peace provide the ultimate escapism with “Hate Is A Special Feeling” EP

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Electric Peace have released their highly anticipated new EP entitled “Hate Is A Special Feeling” The band’s latest releases comes after numerous EP and single offerings in 2020. With their latest body of work displaying all the hallmarks of their classic sound and distinct style.

A high octane Rock project. Fiery and intense guitars are structured around some heavy bass drops and drum sections. This EP definitely has more attitude and pace than previous musical outings. The lead single “Hate Is A Special Feeling throws listeners in at the deep end, non stop heavy duty rock flood the airwaves for a solid entry.

Only four tracks in length the project does feel like feel like a solid mini album with lead tracks like

“Hate Is A Special Feeling" and “Crankin Into Oblivion” arriving in over the four minute mark.

It’s clear the guys have put in extensive effort to make this EP one of their many highlight releases, recording the project in Hollywood CA taking their time to perfect what will definitely be one of their highlights of the year.


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