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Eflorem set the bar high on sizzling sub genre stunner “Found You”

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Los Angeles based Duo Eflorem are back with an action packed stunner entitled “Found You.” The group who operate in the realm of Hyper House have been setting a blaze with a number of successful releases over the past couple of years. Their style is simply a genre all in it’s own, something which is made evidently clear within their music especially on their latest single project.

“Found You” is a wholesome display of all the things that duo are extremely good at, setting listeners up for a rollercoaster of tantalising beat drops, genre flips, with the vocals adding that additional flair to the already stunning track. There is elements of Dubstep, Drum and Bass and House all making their entrances and presence felt throughout the track, most impressively everything fits and flows with effortless ease. A well deserved credit for Eflorem who have made this their signature trademark.

The duo have made a habit of crafting songs that offer bags of hard hitting repeat value time after time. Songs such as “With You” possess all the catchy synonyms that you just can’t ignore, collectively they make the ultimate duo, gelling into smooth formation on each of their highly commendable releases. After meeting in Boston’s Berklee college of Music back in 2013, Heather and Edward (Elflorem) have been on a roll that is still going strong today.

Sonically they are concisely on point when it comes to production, keeping things in line with commercial trends, yet setting themselves apart with their unique style of delivery. From a vocal standpoint Heather’s voice is magical, soft and elegant creating a sense of gentle ambience to accompany the contrasting bops of body popping house that each of their songs so finely articulates.

The duo show no signs of slowing down any time soon, with an array of exciting projects in the works including an album, it looks to be an even bigger year ahead for Eflorem.




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