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Echoofmyvoice and his new single of conviction “Void”

Echoofmyvoice is an artist that operates within the realm of

EDM, House, Pop and Latin tones and has a knack for making deeply resonating records that offer an intimate insight into the artists world and creative expression.

His latest upcoming release on February 4th entitled “Void” is an EDM banger, with the artists deep reverb flooded baritone vocals on full display.

The accompanying visual for the record is equally as mesmerising, the video captures both indoor and outdoor scenes with the artist showcasing his natural confidence on camera, an unconventional video, this visual feels like a true short film.

With blissful shots of the artist riding his bike along the deserted roads and sitting reflecting on a beach. It’s the perfect addition to the song which seemingly fits perfectly with the leading themes of the record. The artistic special effects drawings also work a treat.

Overall a great new entry from this exciting artist.



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