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DURINGTHETYME raises the stakes on "Mona Lisa"

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

DURINGTHETYME is a new artist who has dramatically appeared on the scene with a versatile mixed genre approach, offering a signature and bespoke style the artist brings a refreshing alternative R&B feel.

His latest single "Mona Lisa" is a trap backed R&B ballad with some pretty smooth lyrics from the artist, who somehow really brings out an old school feel on the record. 90's Usher blended in with some modern trap sets the tone of balance well.

DURINGTHETYME has made good use of production here, it's simple but effective complimenting the artists tone and lyrics, flowing easily singing bars and bringing out lush Hip Hop tasters.

The artist has impressively been releasing back to back singles for a number of months now, levelling up it appears with each and every new entry. A bold but decisive move by this new yet exciting artist, who has yet to reach his peak.

Overall the single is a well presented offer of alternative R&B with various other influences, a great addition for any playlist as DURINGTHETYME continues to push musical boundaries.



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