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DSB n Ike Okani are back with "Stand By Me"

Not too long ago we were introduced to the artists previous work, now returning with yet another impressive house number entitled "Stand By Me."The track bares similar resemblances to their previous offering but at the same time offers some considerable contrast.

Delving into yet another dark arts style of production, the vocal samples are intense, distinguished and leave a lasting impression for the listener. Groovy guitar like synths pluck away as the percussion makes it's impressive entry. Thumping with defiance as the track progresses.

As we reach the 03:20 mark the pace picks up and the song climaxes into an earth sweltering dance hit. Everything is heightened for a supersonic conclusion. The track definitely has it's high moments throughout, demonstrating yet again the artists knack for creating ambient yet catchy and individual house records that posses their own style and vibe.


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