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Drifters In Vellichor ignite in new single "Shadows"

The captivating musical duo have been on a unstoppable role since forming, with their distinct and intense Indie rock vibe, much to the excitement of new fans and followers both in the US and worldwide. The duo have a large plethora of live bookings in place with their demand in no shortage of stoping any time soon.

"Shadows" their latest single is a solid entry from the group. Wavy, flashy vocals enter from the 00:10 mark just infront of a scorching electro guitar riff that sets the vibe of the record. "Send me all of your darkest matter." Rings aloud, the rest of the lyrics are equally dark and sinister but also possess a likeable and confident edge. The heavy drums fire in rhythmic motion like a machine gun. It's also worth noting the guitar solo at 02:47 is nothing short of instrumental mastery.

The mix is also great on the single, everything blends exceptionally well even though there is so much activity going on in regards to the in live instrumentation, vocals and backing.

It's a real credit to the duo, who have found the right balance in not over producing but keeping things flowing, utilising all their musical talents and skills to bring us a hard hitting and flamboyant new single.

Be sure to here their latest release "Shadows" here




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