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Donny Ross unveils psyche rock album Souls With No Goals

The Scottish artist has unveiled his second album much to the adulation of close followers. Currently based in Los Angeles the artist has been consistently adding to his discovery with new music releases over the last number of years. For Donny music is in his genes, with his farther being a bagpipe player and musician himself, it almost seemed inevitable that Donny would follow his heart and chase his own path to musical greatness.

With nostalgic tones of 90's Britain, edgy lawlessness and rugged realism, Donny takes musical inspiration from the likes of the legendary British Indie Rock band Oasis.

His second album is a thirteen song mix bag of Indie, rock and ballad offerings. Another notch up from his previous album, Donny continues to showcases is ever expanding skills and individual musicianship.

The project opener "Lips Of Fire" is a trippy, woozy gritty track, dirty bass licks and heavy drums lace over the track, with Donny's vocals distinctly winning over the record.

"Home from Home" is also a definite standout on the first half of the album. The lyrics, are quirky adding as a beautiful compliment to the songs background of production.

The uptempo feel of the track really transports the listener to another world of dance floor antics and feel good tendencies. There is also a throwback country vibe here with the acoustic guitar pluck and bluesy pentatonic guitar solo, a fabulous number indeed.

"Auld Timers" also showcases Donny's hometown Scottish accent, something that the artist should be immensely proud of. What is most impressively displayed on this album is Donny's comfortability in his own skin, he doesn't try to people please or take on a persona that will create more attention and appeal. He is sure of who he is artistically as well as creatively and expresses it perfectly in his work.

Overall the album is a solid entry from a talented artist who is seemingly getting better with each and every release. Donny Ross, is a rare throwback, when the industry that now heavily relies upon overnight Pop bops to release to the Masses on a weekly basis, it's refreshing and exciting to hear an artist that is different for the all the right reasons.

The nostalgic 90's presentation can stay and were most definitely here for it





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