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Dojokun showcases his true feelings on "This Dream"

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

Suiting a classic cowboy hat, walking alone in a field of reflection, Dojokun’s latest release "This Dream" is a sombre yet emotionally driven track. With echoing guitar solo’s and an acoustically backed instrumental the song has various nods to Indie Rock and Indie Pop, along with some well placed distorted vocal backing effects, the song flows well allowing the theme and vocals to be shown in the limelight.

The visual is an equally effective showing with some highly impressive cinematography focusing on various lead characters which include the lead artist, a female dancer and the solo guitar player. Some of the highlights show a lone figure with his guitar playing alone to the beat of the track. While closeups of his female counterpart dancer demonstrate a well balanced contrast and reflect perfectly the story and narrative of the song. The entire visual was shot in Pomezia, near to the city of Rome and really feels like a collective piece of music visual magic.

Overall Dojokun’s has made a great new song here, the accompanying visual is a highly welcomed addition to the track and demonstrates his abilities as a leading solo artist



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