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Dmentid drops Hip Hop album banger “Aspire”

Fast rising Hip Hop artist Dmentid is back with a stunning new album entitled “Aspire” After a consistent number of solid single releases the artist brings us something really special.

the highly anticipated track album is a versatile offering from the artist.

Operating in the realm of Hip Hop, Dmentid showcases some serious skills with articulate flow and unorthodox wordplay, from a lyrical standpoint the artist delivers on all fronts. Showcasing various relatable themes, Dmentid talks of the realities of growing popularity, keeping enemies close and the pearls of success, he easily and effortlessly combines these together to keep things exciting and adaptable throughout.

The album also feels like a full body of work without being over saturated, every track fits within perfect time and never outstays it’s welcome. In addition the production is a wonderful accompaniment to the vocals, with both Hip Hop trap blended genre tones.

Overall the album is a solid collection of hits from the artist and a definite highlight in his ever expanding catalogue.



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