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Dionysios is back with hypnotic new single “Magic Eye”

Dionysios is an artist based out of Auckland NZ. Relocating from London in his younger years the artist blends various genre influences of Folk Rock and poetic tones.

His latest release entitled “Magic Eye” is an acoustic backed single that provides listeners with various highlights, firstly the artist brings a truly unique and distant Baritone voice that eclipses the full duration of the song. Delivered in addition to some vocal layers over the bridge and chorus sections of the record. The acoustic whaling guitars are also a prominent feature, really providing some country tones and feels to the song. Lyrically the mood is simple yet perfectly crafted for this kind of track.

Accompanying the single is also the visual which is a creative and quite mesmerising offering. Filled with expressive colours and hypnotic symbolic shapes the artist brings out his ultimate musical and creative expressions on this project, in impressive fashion.

Overall the song is simple, but in itself, that is the beauty of the track. A solid and well placed offering from the artist himself.



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