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Dick Aven releases dreamy album "It All Started In The Garden"

Dick Aven is an eclectic, multi-instrumentalist artist based in Franklin, Tenesse. He has developed a unique blend of sound by combining the honest, introspective vibes of folk music with the experimental edge of progressive rock.

Dick Aven is not the kind of guy who likes to play by the rules. His music is all about defying convention and breaking the walls between various styles and ideas. Although his music is deeply connected to the earnest honesty of folk, Dick’s sound has a fascinating progressive streak that brings something truly unique to the table.

A firm favourite with radio stations worldwide he has received support from the likes of:

4zzz (Australia) Albertslund Radio (Denmark) Argyll FM (UK) Belter Radio (UK) Blues and Roots Radio (Canada) CIUT (Canada) and Crystal FM (UK).

His latest release is a dreamy folk acoustic heavy record. Light but filled to the brim with tender acoustic vibes and Dick's blissful falsetto vocals. The single easily drifts the listener away to another world, the sonic landscape smooth but equally uplifting. Dick has really brought out all the stops on this album, the wide support from various tastemakers and radio alike only confirm his status as a growing and exciting artist.

The album offers the strongest work yet from the artist who no doubt will have more in store for fans over the course of the year.




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