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Delilah showcases dazzling throwback Lounge medley

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Delilah is back with another classic cover single release. The song is a medley of tracks by

Elvis, Ann-Margret, and Ruth Brown. Easily showcasing the best of Delilah’s skillset the song is a tasteful showing of smooth and Bluesy vocals, accompanied by a blissful production backdrop of organic instrumentals. The 02:13 monologue transition outro adds some wonderful spice and showmanship by the artist, who easily makes this her own.

Blending both more laid back and upbeat melodies Delilah keep her audience engaged throughout with near five minutes of nostalgic throwbacks and Jazz infused charm.

Ever charismatic, the artist is seemingly made for this style of music, everything gels so well collectively. It’s also worth noting just how good the mix is here too, overall a solid performance and offering from this ever exciting musical talent.




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