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Del Harrison delivers an inspirational new single “Never Give Up”

Del Harrison is a multi-talented artist who brings a unique blend of soulful singing and songwriting to the music scene. Born in New Orleans and raised in Washington D.C. Del has been shaped by her diverse upbringing and experiences in Brooklyn and the Caribbean. She now calls Los Angeles home and continues to infuse her music with her eclectic style and positive energy. Del's music showcases her versatility and upbeat spirit.

Her new single “Never Give Up” is a bold record with captivating soulful vocals and poetic lyricism. The song is a message of hope and encouragement for anyone going through a difficult time. Del shares that the song was inspired by her own experiences and the need for people to hear words of comfort and support. With its uplifting lyrics and inspiring melody, “Never Give Up” is sure to be a source of comfort and strength for listeners, reminding them that even in the toughest times, blessings can be found.”



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