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Dejhare unravels thrilling EP "Plead The Fifth"

Dejhare, is one of the those rare artists that don’t come around so often. A mystique cloaked in sincere individuality and self reassurance. Unlike the fast pace of today’s temporary commercial throwaways that are far too common. Dejhare offers something enticingly refreshing and enlightening. Her vision is to create music that units, heals, brings people closer together whilst providing a voice for those who do not have one. A brave and amicable focus point, but one that works incredibly well for this artist.

Her latest project is entitled “Plead The Fifth” which is highly intimate EP from the artist, with a lead theme and narrative that explores the navigating in todays increasingly complex world. EP opener ‘Take Five” is an uptempo, house infused super jam, with blistering synths and the artists lead vocals taking listens on a journey into the deepest depths of the artists minds, haunting reverb flooded background vocals accompanying the track.

Second track “Skeletons” takes things up a notch raising the stakes in every capacity. The intensity of the vocals are clear to see. "Perception"possesses a piano heavy intro with the upbeat and crescendo tendencies representing the urgency of the topic in discussion. The song talks about fighting discrimination in this world that we live in.

“Not Alone” has some interesting Romanian house tendencies with synth trombone installations. The artist flows with authority over a catchy and mesmerising beat. Keeping things consistent with the overall direction of the EP, sticking to the house vibes that has been a solid feature thought the project.

“Plead The Fifth” the final concluding song on the EP, offers the perfect climax and outro piece for the EP. Heavy nostalgic synths lay the foundation for the dance heavy hit, the beat infectious, with a groovy and sensationally produced instrumental.

Overall the artist has brought her strongest abilities to the forefront of this EP, already a growing success among original and new followers online Dejhare’s music continues to grown considerably with every release.

With what is easily some of her best work to date, it looks to be an exciting year for the artist.


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