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Dead Cat Bounce unveils cinematic masterclass album “Symphomaniac.”

Dead Cat Bounce unveils his new and highly anticipated album entitled “Symphomaniac.” The twenty track full body of work is a stunning array of mixed genre tones and undeniable instrumental versatility.

In essence the only way to truly describe the project is box office. The opening track “Tension and Release” is a clear tone setting track, a combination song that offers intensity, soft interludes and lush strings, uplifting and packed with entertainment value from start to finish.

“Chain Reaction” takes things slightly overtly towards to more slick and charismatic realm, the songs deep bass plucks along with the articulate drums patterns add an infusion of adrenaline as does the immediate follow up “Tourists of The Caribbean.” Which pushes the pace even more.

“Dancing in The Petrichor” offers more of a reflective tone, drawing the listeners into a world of sharp string flicks and melodic piano chords that offers bags of repeat value. In contrast “Ride It Out” is high octane at it’s very peak. Starting with a stunning electric guitar solo the song raises the stakes and sets a change in tone at this point in the album.

“Paradox” is a smooth and motivating number that has shades of Ibiza’s finest Cafe Del Mar. It’s organic and beautifully arranged. As is “Hit The Mark” With it’s big band chorus and bridge, trumpets fill the backdrop for this big feel number. While the song is one of the more repetitive structured songs on the album, it never gets old or feels like it’s outstayed it’s 02:50 track time welcome, a really nice mid point song here.

“Chaos in Harmony” is everything the title suggests, a quirky yet fast paced ensemble of crashing hi hats, drum rolls and live instrumentation, there is so much going on here, that listeners will without a doubt need to take a second listen to capture full scale and delivery of the song.

“Ramshackle” feels like an action packed thriller sequence, easily placed in any modern day feature film it would fit like a glove, keeping listeners on the edge of their seat, anticipating the climatic conclusion of the song after four minutes of high stakes sonic action.

“Burning Bridges” possibly has some of the best string sequences on the album, it’s addictive and the overlay of strings sounds beautiful, this was definitely one of the songs on the project that you will not want to end.

The flow of the album picks up a notch from here on out with “Heist” and “Raw and Uncut” both song offer a raise in stakes for the album and signify the elevation and concluding chapter of the album. “Prayer in Despair” is simply the most unpredictable song featured, it’s leaves the listener not knowing what direction things will go in and it works wonderfully. “Lost in The Dark” is packed with emotion and makes for a refreshing entry within the tracklist. “Dark Horizon Coming” showcases yet more versatility from “Dead Cat Bounce”who uses a sinister synth and minor piano chords to create an ambient and mystic vibe.

Returning to a more uptempo style with “Sway” and “Banjo Unchained” Before enticing listeners with another cinematic classic in “Fit as a Fiddle” yet agin the artists swanky and swag style demonstrated with the signature string arrangements.

“Bat Country” is a well placed and stripped back number, relying on simplicity to culminate what has been a hugely successful and impressive album. “Dead Cat Bounce” made a great decision here to insert this distinctly individual track.

The album then concludes with the enigmatic closing number “Horny” a eye grabbing title and equally as bombastic audio, “Horny” wraps up things nicely with it’s big bounce and high energy feel, the song feels like a celebration of all things good as we reach the end of this truly memorable body of work.



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