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Davy Williamson drops "Down By The Fire EP"

Davy Williamson has had an solid career spanning over twenty five years. With stints in a variety of popular bands over many decades. It's safe to say this artist has gathered a wealth of experience over his impressive and action packed career.

However in 2020 the artist delivered his highly anticipated debut single to the world. Entitled "Thin disguise" the song was a smash success reaching number one on the iTunes Rock chart in South Africa. In addition to receiving a plethora of support online from various industry tastemakers.

In May 2021 Davy released "Down By The Fire" an eight track epic selection of songs. Written by Davy and co produced by Shawn Adkins.

The project itself is a dark Rock infused album. Heavy bass becomes a common feature on the project with haunting vocals an and background vocals making there mark constantly throughout the course of the album

Tracks like "Faultline" offer more of a half way break with more upbeat and personal emotional tones. 'Down To The Fire" is of course one of the best tracks on the project, it's emotional vibes and conviction filled vocals are magical and leave a lasting impression.

Overall a brave and enjoyable experimental project.



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