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Darrell Kelley drops powerful new single "Vaccine"

The Boston born artist makes music from the soul, creating his pieces of art with the sole intention of inspiring, motivating and influencing change for the better. Many artists today have the capacity to influence vast numbers of people with their music, but very few choose to do so. It's so refreshing to finally see someone who is creating music that is very much relevant to what is actually happening in our world right now.

In his latest new single Darrell takes a direct approach, addressing the elephant in the room that is the Coronavirus pandemic. "Give me the vaccine" is the chorus that echo's defiantly throughout the piece. A calm but hip hop influenced beat plays in the background as the artist leads the way with mesmerising but reflecting lyrics. Encouraging the world to put an end to the sad state of affairs. Darell says what many people are thinking when it comes to trusting the vaccine, "can I trust the vaccine?"A legitimate, direct and honest question that is on the minds of so many, placed perfectly in the song.

What impresses mostly though is the visual that accompanies the song, shot in what appears to be a busy bazar marketplace, the artist struts in conviction to the beat of the song mining to camera, other shots take place in a studio for a more traditional approach. The balance is nice and the artist made a great decision to shoot the majority of the video amongst the people. It fits well and reflects the theme of the song holding much resonance with the overall narrative.

Darell is an artist of the people, he uses his platform to connect on a personal level and with his latest release he does just that. Engaged fully in the political landscape too, it's obvious he wants to see change and it is absolutely conveyed highly and transparently in his music. After such a powerful new entry, fans and listeners alike are all eager to see what lies in store for the artist. The sense of direction he chooses to take is probably the leading question on peoples minds, where to go from here? Something tells us that if this issue doesn't go away that the artist won't be shy of addressing what needs to be done, in only a way that he can.



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