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Corey EL delivers instant classic with soulful album “Gold Soul”

Corey El, an artist that has been paving out a name for himself with infectious soulful music, that oozes charisma and displays his flawless vocals and musical skills. Inspired by Soul, Funk and Hip Hop. His latest album entitled “Gold Soul” is an effortless performance, showcasing Corey at his best.

The ten track album opens with a stunner, “Sophistication” is a funky, smooth swag infused jam. The chorus is also catchy as hell. Accompanied by the artists lush vocal flow and a smashing instrumental. The live orchestrated backing delivers some mesmerising guitar solo’s and Jazz tones. The same continues for the rest of the album.

“Outta Touch” is another classic that contains some great harmonies and background vocals. “Like We Got” holds more of a traditional R&B vibe and makes for a conclusion for the opening part of the album. “Waste Your Time” is a nostalgic hit if their ever was one, ringing out with some serious Michael Jackson feels, this has echo’s of MJ and it’s awesome!

"Love Of My Life" is a gorgeous ballad, before jumping to “Try It” an uptempo track that is laced with infectious production and the artists unique lyricism. “7” is a more experimental offering with the reverb flooded vocals adding to the atmospheric vibe to the record.

Album closers “Ghost” is a relatable song that showcases some of the artists best vocals on the whole album. “Fly Away” hits all the right tones with it’s mellow feels before transitioning into “Wait For You” the bass heavy final track that puts the perfect ending to an undoubtedly epic album from Corey EL. With such a profound level of professionalism and skill it’s hard not to see the artist rising into even higher realms with is music, fans and listeners alike cannot wait for more and neither can we.



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