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Cloe Wilder drops magical new hit “In The Next Life”

Cloe Wilder is an artist from Clear Water Florida, who gained a significant following from uploading covers on her Youtube channel. She followed her musical aspirations and began on her pivotal journey as a fully- fledged artists in her own right. Possessing a lush angelic tone, that is distinctly Cloe, her music has the power to captivate and transport listeners into a world that she has created, a rare talent in today's quick paced and often recycled industry.

Her latest release comes in the form of “In The Next Life” a beautiful acoustic, Pop number, that demonstrates the artists vocals magic amongst the harp floating beat. This song proves that often less is truly more, with the artists vocal talents taking the lead.

Cloe's new music video “In The Next Life”is a mesmerising accompanying visual. Where she is found wondering golden fields in the open wilderness, in a stunning white dress, singing notes from the song. There is something quietly haunting about the video and song, a darker story behind the delicate frays that are presented which makes the listener take more attentive notice of the lyrics offered here.

Filmed in Lancaster, California, the video is an emotive and melancholy picture of her singing about the loss and love she has for her late grandfather. “I didn’t want to say goodbye / I love you, but this life's unkind / You’re not mine to keep / So I made a deal with the other side / So I can find you in the next life.”

Making her debut into the music business three years ago, Cloe has more than one million streamed songs on her Spotify page and has a following of 40k+ monthly listeners. She’s worked with renowned Grammy winners Rob Kinelski and John Greenham (Billie Eilish), and Eric Scullin (RZA, Mark Needham [The Killers])—her musical director/keyboardist/guitarist, who produced as well as co-wrote the single “Crying When I Shouldn’t” with Wilder.

It’s evidently clear that Cloe, is an artist with all the talent in the world and she gets better with each and every release, continuing to expand her fan base globally whilst increasing industry recognition, the unique and exciting talent that is Cloe Wilder.



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