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Chloe from The Undecideds reveals defining live performance of Broken Trophy.

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

It’s rare when we get the opportunity to cover a truly moving piece of music. However the latest acoustic offering from The Undecideds is without a doubt a mesmerising and touching piece of artistic expression. The American sibling duo formed in Los Angles, are known for creating intimate and organic Indie hits. “Broken Trophy” is a strictly solo performance from Chloe who delivers an earth-shattering performance.

The first thing we notice is her angelic vocal tone, that pierces the heart making each word and lyric so much more powerful, the song hits hard and by the time the chorus kicks in were hooked into Chloe’s world.

It’s raw, somber and absolutely relatable. Heartbreak, loss and memories of dreams once had all paint the poetic imagery in the minds of listeners. It’s impossible to forget about Chloe as her lyrics depict, because with a performance like this you can’t help but keep this on your list of best all time live performances. The real highlight here is just how perfect the simplicity displayed makes the performance. Magnificent.



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